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Somewhere at a nearby university, abandoned used art supplies pile up becoming their own abstract work-of-art. But with trash-bound sculptures being low in demand, we took matters into our own hands. Harvesting these used, fully functional art supplies and upcycling them, giving new life for those who need them next. Goods are donated to charity, higher education programs and everything in-between. Turn Up Art is looking out for students and professionals alike, harvesting supplies for tomorrow's artist.

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You know those art supplies laying around at home, probably from a college class that was required or just some extras you're not going to use. There's no way you would throw them away because they're practically new if not brand new. Turn em' up! With your donation we can upcycle those supplies and find a new loving home for them. The ripples of your contribution will lead to more space at home, more trees saved, and more artists born.

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We support educational organizations by giving them the art supplies they need, for free! We are here to inspire, everyone from children to adults should experience the power of creativity. New ideas drive innovation but it takes the right tools bring them to life. So please take the time to check out our awesome partners and see how they are making an impact on the world.

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