Artists, Students, Creative Professionals and Institutions upcycle their unused Art & Design supplies through us and into the hands of people who need them. 

Donate your unused supplies and help support the arts in your community. We will even publish your generosity in our blog, WordUp!. Plus, you're going to allow the opportunity for children to experience the colorful world of art. Its all tax deductible so what do you have to loose? Free up some space in your apartment or studio and help a bunch of people in the process. We will even pick up donations from your front door!

We surprise public schools, private schools and higher education programs in need with art & design care packages made just for them!

It's our mission to engage the community to explore art & design and encourage creative education programs by supplying them with the resources they need.

Check us out in the Pratt Incubator :)

Do you lead an educational arts program and are in need of supplies?

Well then Email us! info@TurnUpArt.com